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Newmarket Meeting Call

January 17, 2011 permalink

There will be a public meeting to bring awareness about community family matters held in Newmarket on Saturday afternoon/evening January 22. The meeting will feature speakers Brad Jones, Alfredine Linda Plourde, Vernon Beck, Neil Haskett, Tabatha Bertrand-Haskett, Sarolta Mayer, Chris Carter, Stephen Watkins, Dan Major and Attila L Vinczer. The announcement from Canada Court Watch is in the expand block, detailed directions are in the Facebook invitation from Attila Vinczer.



Public Justice Meeting to be held in Newmarket, Ontario Saturday Jan 22, 2011 4-9 PM . Please plan to attend.

The Canadian Maltese Charitable Service Trust is inviting all concerned members of the public to attend a public meeting on Saturday January 22, 2011 regarding issues affecting justice for all families and citizens.

Meeting time: 4 to 8 PM
Location: Canadian Legion, 707 Srigley Street, Newmarket Ontario
Contact Person: Attila Vinczer (905) 895-4029

Some of the issues to be discussed at this public meeting will include:

  • The impact that Children’s Aid Societies have on our children and families.
  • How the CAS, police, judicial system, lawyers, schools, shelters, foster homes provide sensitive social services and how many times they discriminate and seriously fail us to the point that some are wrongly convicted while others have their children die in CAS care.
  • How the vast majority of CAS workers working in the province on Ontario are violating the law.
  • A public announcement regarding The Canadian Maltese Charitable Service Trust financially supporting AIDWYC -The Association In Defense of the Wrongly Convicted, by way of new fund-raising endeavors.
  • The very strong need for Ombudsman Oversight of all 53 Children’s Aid Agencies in Ontario. How children needlessly suffer and in some cases die in the care of CAS every year in Ontario
  • How CAS is involved with having innocent parents charged with crimes they did not commit.

The Canadian Maltese Charitable Service Trust along with it’s counterparts collectively operate in 103 countries providing help to those who need it most. We have announced setting our roots in Newmarket by way of a Public Deputation in September of 2010. As such, we are hosting a public meeting on January 22, 2011 as our first public engagement with major announcements. We strongly stand for the rights of children and a sound family structure.

One of our special guests is Ms. Win Wahrer of possibly accompanied by world renowned criminal defense lawyer, Mr. James Lockyer who uncovered matters concerning the disgraced Pathologist, Dr. Charles Randal Smith who corroborated with CAS in having innocent parents charged and convicted of crimes they did not commit such as Brenda Waudby and William Mullins-Johnson who was recently awarded $4.25 million for being wrongly convicted and jailed for over a decade. In both cases CAS was strongly involved in these travesties!

The Canadian Maltese Charitable Service Trust will be making a major public announcement at this event in supporting AIDWYC significantly financially so they may better assist our fellow citizens who have been wrongly convicted. There have been far too many cases where our judicial system has seriously failed. Not because our laws or our judicial process is flawed, but more so because of those who do not take adequate care in applying the proper process of law in a just manner, often influenced with ulterior motives. We will be addressing ways to avert such terrible calamities and gross miscarriage of justice.

There will be an array of affluent guests and speakers.

  • Brad Jones - Positive social impact of sport in the community.Owner of Brad Jones Karate-do - celebrating 35 years of existence. Former Coach of Canada’s Karate team and recipient of countless awards, trophies and medals. Author of Detour On The Path-A thriller taking you through Afghanistan to the jails in France.
  • Alfredine Linda Plourde - Impact of CAS with 120 children dying in their care each year in Ontario. CAS coverups exposed. Author of Protecting Canadian Children and founder of the Protecting Canadian Children foundation.
  • Vernon Beck - Unlawful practice of social work by CAS workers in violation of Social Work and Social Service Work Act (1998) Founder of - Advocating for the rights of children and families for over 15 years. Author of HAP-Hostile Aggressive Parenting and many other documents. Video interviews of hundreds of victims exposing concerns with CAS, Women’s Shelters, OCL and the judicial system.
  • Neil Haskett - The desperate need for Ombudsman Oversight of all 53 Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario. A brutal witch hunt by perjured CAS and Police against him to take their children. Advocate of Children’s Aid accountability -
  • Tabatha Bertrand-Haskett - Husband and wife discussing serious issues within CAS. Student Nurse-Advocate of Children’s Aid Accountability -
  • Sarolta Mayer RN - discussing the short and long-term effects of stress on children and families who are subject to CAS intrusiveness. Use of drugs to mask symptoms caused by CAS stress on children. Over 25years nursing experience working 6 years in various hospitals in Hungary and 20 years in Canada including many of those years in the OR. Knowledgeable in Homeopath, Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine.
  • Chris Carter - Matters concerning CAS, Family Court, Police and the Judicial System. Advocate for the rights of Children and Families. Need of Ombudsman Oversight, Bill 131.
  • Stephen Watkins - Flaws with Canada’s systems and controls enabling child abductors. Judge overruling CAS’s recommendations enables the abduction of Stephen Watkins’s two children Christopher and Alexander missing for nearly two years believed to be somewhere in Europe, Poland, Germany. A father and victim of one of the worst child abduction cases in Canada. The father in-law was charged with child kidnapping is scheduled to appear in Newmarket Court on January 28, 2011
  • Dan Major - Problems with CAS, OCL, Police and the judicial system. Had his children abducted and missing for 6.5 years. Disgraced YRP officer Terry Jordan admitted having an affair with his wife the same officer who investigated Mr. Major charged 5 times with crimes he did not commit spending over 6 months in jail and 9 months of house arrest. Advocate for the rights of children and families. Multimillion dollar lawsuits against YRP and York CAS.
  • An anonymous Canadian Citizen - a Canadian citizen talks about the effect of being wrongly convicted of very serious and heinous crimes subject to a maximum jail term of 44 years. Strongly driven by CAS to destroy this individuals life and family. Conviction to be appealed.
  • Attila L. Vinczer - Matters concerning Domestic Violence. Concerns with CAS, Police and the Judicial system. Nine suicides per day in Canada due to stresses induced by divorce. Father of two children. Secretary of The Canadian Maltese Charitable Service Trust. Supporter of Bill 131, for the need of Ombudsman Oversight.

Source: Canada Court Watch