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January 29, 2011 permalink

Instead of getting certified by the Ontario College of Social Workers, Muskoka CAS workers are certifying themselves.



Muskoka, Ontario CAS worker claims - Our workers CERTIFY OURSELVES!

(Jan 28, 2011) In recent months, Canada Court Watch has been reporting on a number of flagrant violations of the law by CAS workers with the Muskoka CAS. Some workers with this agency continue to break the law to make fools of themselves in the eyes of the public.

Evidence from a number of sources has been provided to Court Watch to show that most of their employees are breaking the law! In fact one worker reported that she had received her training in the United States and did not need to be registered in Canada to practice Social Work. In one statement, the worker stated that CAS workers now "certify" themselves. What a JOKE! Some CAS now believe that they are qualified to do social work because they "Certify" themselves.

Any MPP who wishes to review the evidence that Canada Court Watch has to show how CAS workers in Muskoka are now claiming to be training themselves and claiming that they don't need to be registered in Ontario are most welcome to contact us.

Readers are urged to email a link to this post to the own MPP and to ask their MPP to contact Canada Court Watch. Violations of Ontario law by CAS workers who are making fools of themselves must be stopped now.

Source: Canada Court Watch

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