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Killer liked Social Work

January 15, 2011 permalink

Jared Lee Loughner became an instant anti-hero on January 8 when he shot 20 people at a political meet and greet in Tucson Arizona killing six and wounding congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. When a mass killing occurs, authorities work quickly to eradicate the online presence of the perpetrator. Some internet sleuths have recovered the Facebook information he posted before the shooting. He said he had been employed at Child Protective Services.



Arizona shooter allegedly worked for Child Protective Services

Jared Loughner's Facebook Page
Jared Loughner's Facebook Page
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According to several websites that managed to save personal information from Arizona shooter Jared Loughner's internet presence, Loughner claimed to have worked for Child Protective Services.

Below is the information that was allegedly scrubbed from his facebook page within minutes of the shooting.

♦ Jared Loughner ♦ Has worked at Child Protective Services ♦ Studied at Pima Community College ♦ Lives in Tucson, Arizona

Education and Work
Child Protective Services
Pima Community College
High School
Mountain View High School Class of 2006
Basic Information
About Jared
Love hunting trolls and children, I want to be a woman one day...

Most people just don't seem to understand me, but I'm gonna prove to you all how wrong you are...

My favorite interest was reading, and I studied grammar. Conscience dreams were a great study in college!

Fools who don't understand the law are bound to suffer under it!

Interested In

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Whether Loughner actually worked for Child Protective Services or the mention of CPS is simply part of his mental illness has not been confirmed at this point.

Source: National Examiner, Daniel Weaver