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Hit and Run

February 26, 2011 permalink

People closely connected to children's aid, but posing as uninvolved persons, are entering Facebook discussions to be disruptive. The exchange below between Vernon Beck and Scott Lillow is not the first instance we have encountered.



Vernon Beck also commented on Scott Lillow's link.

"Its part of the "balanced" reporting that some news reporters feel obligated to work under. Even a person locked up in prison gets three meals a day. There is no doubt that CAS agencies do some good work. Some kids are taken for good reason. But just because CAS does some good work does not justify the very bad work they do. The vast majority of bad stories are avoidable.

Most of these bad stories are because of over-zealous workers who lie in court documents, lie to children and parents, threaten children and parents and commit unlawful and unethical practices, not to mention the CAS lawyers who lie in court to protect workers. What makes CAS so bad is that CAS agencies, including Muskoka CAS continue to break the law and refused to bring in measure which would fix the problem because they fear accountability and transparency.

In spite of the occasional good story, there is there room for significant improvement. In fact, I would challenge the CEO of the Muskoka CAS to engage members of the public in an open debate on this issue. They know my phone number."

Vernon Beck also commented on Scott Lillow's link.

"Scott, after I made my post above, I also noticed that you appear to be connected to workers with Muskoka CAS. Nothing wrong with that. I am a member of the CAS as well. Please pass on the message that members of the public would very much engage workers and the executive with the Muskoka CAS into a public debate on this issue. Not to criticize, but to point out how the problem of Muskoka CAS workers doing unlawful and bad things can be corrected. If you are interested in helping children, then please encourage your friends at the CAS to contact me personally so we can engage them in debate on how to fix the system. I'd be glad to meet you at such a public debate and to have you question me in front of an audience."

Scott Lillow also commented on his link.

"Vern- I have no connection with Muskoka CAS or it's workers. I am unable to assist in your desire for a public debate. My suggestion is that you contact them directly regarding this matter. "

Vernon Beck also commented on Scott Lillow's link.

"Scott, I was provided information from persons in Muskoka that one of the friends on your friends lists by the name of X.X. is/has been a worker with the Muskoka CAS. I was informed that you have been in a intimate relationship with this CAS worker. It was reported that you showed up at the rally in Huntsville during the summer and engaged protesters at the rally. Please correct me if the information I have been provided is wrong or contact me directly. Please ask your friend X.X. to contact me directly as well. Information has also been provided to Court Watch will supports claims that X.X. spoke out against her own CAS employer and that senior staff with her employer told her to remain silent.

Having senior staff order their own CAS workers to remain silent about child abuse is one the problems we want to see corrected."

Vernon Beck Just as a reminder to folks on this site that CAS workers and their friends are cruising this site and trying to discredit good parents in their efforts to bring in accountability and transparency to CAS. Just a few minutes ago, I just posted a response to a person who stated on his post that he had no connection to the Muskoka CAS or its workers. This person was outright lying to readers as a known CAS worker was on his friends list and he was engaged in an intimate relationship with.

As soon as I posted that I had a call from people in Muskoka that this person was in an intimate relationship with a CAS worker from Muskoka and that there was proof that senior staff with the Muskoka CAS had told their own employee to remain silent, he suddenly removed his post and all sub posts including my own. It all goes to show that most of these CAS workers and their friends when confronted with the truth that they have been caught lying, run away like a bunch of scared rabbits.

Vernon Beck In response to the previous post [now deleted] by the poster, let me only say that we have reasonable proof that one CAS worker in Muskoka was told to shut up about what she knew about the abuse of some children and I challenge anyone with the Muskoka CAS, its executive director or its board of directors to engage members of Court Watch into a public discussion on the issues.

I have the image of the posts made by this poster as a record of what was posted. One good thing about the modern world is that computers and electronic recorders are now able to maintain accurate records which aid in our battle for accountability and transparency.See More

Vernon Beck As another note, this friend of a Muskoka CAS worker went and banned others who had responded to his post. Just another tactic that these CAS supporters resort to when they get caught lying and become desperate.

Source: Facebook