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Newmarket Meeting

January 23, 2011 permalink

About sixty people attended the meeting at the Newmarket Newmarket Legion Hall. The master of ceremonies was Attila Vinczer, speakers included Vern Beck, Neil and Tabatha Haskett, Stephen Watkins, Sarolta Mayer and Dan Major.

Vern Beck discussed his examination of the laws requiring registration of social workers and child protection workers. In order to use the title social worker it is necessary to register with the college of social workers. A decade ago when the requirement was enacted children's aid societies instructed their staff to replace their title social worker with child protection worker. But section 40 of the Child and Family Services Act defines the functions that can be carried out by a child protection worker narrowly. They can apprehend a child and bring it to a place of safety. But other functions, such as searching the home to assess the living conditions of the child or expressing a professional opinion, are not authorized functions. Pointing this out the child protectors while they are entering your home with police escort won't get them to listen, but in the hands of a good lawyer this could get the evidence collected by non-social workers thrown out of your case.

Below is press coverage.



Canadian Maltese group hosts public meeting on CAS

When faced with a situation involving the Children’s Aid Society, many parents don’t know their rights.

The Newmarket chapter of the Canadian Maltese Charitable Service Trust hosts a public meeting for families to educate them and discuss the effectiveness of the CAS, Jan. 22, 4 to 8 p.m. at the Canadian Legion, 707 Srigley St., Newmarket.

“The CAS is a very important component for child protection,” trust secretary Attila Vinczer said. “But there are serious deficiencies.”

There is a disconnect between law enforcement agencies and child protection agencies, Mr. Vinczer said.

That was the case for Stephen Watkins, whose two sons are still missing and believed to have been abducted by their mother, his estranged wife Edyta (Ustaszewski) Watkins.

Mr. Watkins will make a special presentation on the flaws in Canada’s judicial system and the disconnect between child protection agencies and law enforcement.

The Canadian Maltese Charitable Service Trust is also pushing for all 53 Children’s Aid Societies across the province to come under the Ontario Ombudsman.

“Ombudsman oversight will give families somewhere to go other than the expensive courts,” Mr. Vinczer said. “Parents are powerless. The only option is to go to the courts and litigate.”

The meeting will feature guest speakers, including local sports coaches, registered nurses, lawyers and parents involved in CAS cases. They will touch on the topics of positive social impact of sport and the short and long-term effects of stress on children subject to CAS investigations.

At the meeting, the trust will also announce its plans for an interactive park in Newmarket, where there will be permanent supervision and interaction with youth.

Interactive parks have been installed in seven parks in Hungary and have proven to help reduce youth crime dramatically, Mr. Vinczer said.

“It’s not babysitting or day care,” he said. “It’s supervision. It’s interacting with the youth to take away loneliness that may lead them to drugs or vandalism.”

For more information, visit or e-mail Attila Vinczer at

Source: Metroland York Region

Addendum: The children of Stephen Watkins have been found in Poland.



Watkins boys found safe in Poland after 2 1/2 years

Dec 7, 2011 - 12 hours ago in World

Two missing children from Toronto, Christopher and Stephen Watkins, have been found safe in Poland. Their mother is not in custody at this time.

The boys have been found after two and a half years. Their father Stephen Watkins is in Poland reuniting with his precious boys.

The Watkins boys were taken from Toronto by their non-custodian mother during a planned visitation. Mr. Watkins had feared that the mother would take the boys prior to their abduction and requested that their passports be suspended. It didn't matter, using the suspended passports Edyta (Ustaszewski / Ustaszewska) Watkins flew to Germany from the United States.

It was believed that they were in Poland where they were found on Wednesday.

The boys were removed from their mother in Poland by authorities after the children's school made a request. At this time Mr. Watkins has not been able to return to Canada but court proceedings have started.

I have been in contact with Stephen since the beginning of his nightmare. This is a breaking news story and a follow-up story will take place when Mr. Watkins has time for an interview.

Source: Digital Journal