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Children Saved from Abduction

February 7, 2011 permalink

In cases of a marriage between parents of different nationalities, the mother sometimes flees to her native country, depriving the father of his children. The host country is rarely interested in deporting the children of one of its own nationals even when required by the Hague Convention. Senator Anne Cools told of a father who caught up with his family after ten years separation, but could not talk to his children because they did not speak English.

Today the press reports that a woman fleeing Canada with her two children and a man not their father has been arrested and CAS has taken custody of the children. This is a case of CAS doing it right. They will be doing even better if they return the children promptly to dad.



North Bay Police nab couple accused of abduction from Quebec

North Bay Police Service nabbed a man and woman Saturday accused of abduction from Quebec and trying to flee Canada.

Montreal Police Service passed along information that led to local police arresting the couple at a North Bay motel in the company of two children belonging to the woman.

The couple are accused of fleeing Quebec and intending to fly to India to deprive access to the to the biological father.

The Children's Aid Society took custody of the children, and the adults were arrested for abduction and held in custody for their return to Montreal.

Source: North Bay Nugget