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Three Generations of Intervention

February 14, 2011 permalink

Here is a story of three generations of abuse at the hands of children's aid.

Lei Lei Hopkins-Somerville I was forcibly confined by the CAS from age four to eighteen. I was in an orphanage, training school, 19 foster homes and three lock-down facilities. I survived sexual, physical, emotional and psychological torture at the hands of these so called qualified parents/staff. My daughter was stolen from me when she was three, because I had a history with them, not because I was a bad mother. She was molested by her adoptive parents, then abandoned back to the doorsteps of the CAS when she hit puberty.Then they stole my son, it took me six months to get him home, and the bonding period with him had been broken and stolen from us both. Now they have my grandson, and have given my daughter's adoptive father full custody of a three month old. Despite my cries of grave concerns, I was told by the CAS we weren't there to discuss history, but that they had apprehended the child from his mother (my daughter) because they had a history with her. What does a 62-year-old man, want with a small boy? I Support Bill 131!!!

Source: Facebook (private group, reposted with permission)