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Foster Terror

December 7, 2010 permalink

An attack by a Manitoba foster child has terrorized parents of school children in the town of Gladstone.



Parents afraid after child clobbered by classmate

injured son of Richard Tower
Richard Tower's son needed stitches after being allegedly struck by a classmate with a hockey stick last week.Richard Tower's son needed stitches after being allegedly struck by a classmate with a hockey stick last week.
(Submitted by Richard Tower)

A group of Manitoba parents say they're afraid to let their kids go to school after a boy was clobbered with a hockey stick by a fellow student last week and briefly hospitalized.

Richard Tower told CBC News he got a call Friday from a local hospital saying his son was admitted with with a head injury after an incident at Gladstone Elementary School in Gladstone, Man.

According to Tower, the boy had been hit in the head with a hockey stick and needed six stitches to close the wound.

The stick broke from the force of the blow, the father said.

"He was bleeding profusely from the head, dazed, in pain," Tower said.

"The force of the blow, to shatter one of these hockey sticks over a child's head and shoot blood all over the gym walls, was considerable."

Tower alleged this wasn't the first time the student accused of striking his son has attacked another child.

On Monday, Tower and seven other parents in the community of Gladstone, located about 130 kilometres west of Winnipeg, went to the school to address the matter with administrators.

"We all felt that if this child was going to be in school we weren't going to send our kids because we were scared for their safety," said parent Corey Fehr.

The foster parents of the boy who hit Tower's son, say the boy has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. And in an interview with CBC News, they said their son was provoked.

The superintendent of the Pine Creek School Division, Brian Gouriluk, would only say the incident was under review and refused any other comment.

Tower thinks the elementary school and the division will try to downplay the incident.

"I don't think there is any way that they can assure safety or that this incident won't happen again. I just hope it doesn't take something more serious in order for this school board to take action," he said.

Source: CBC