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Child Gone (except for Bills)

December 21, 2010 permalink

Have your parental rights been terminated? Are you the parent of a crown ward? You will never see your child again, and if the child dies, you will not be told. But one relic of your parenthood survives. You will still have to pay child support. Enclosed is an article about a Michigan Supreme Court decision.



Mich. Supreme Court: Loss of parental rights doesn't end support

The Michigan Supreme Court says a loss of parental rights doesn't automatically mean an end to child support.

In a rare unanimous opinion, the court says a father or mother can be ordered to support a child financially even if he or she has no other role. The justices ruled in a case from Oakland County in which Lawrence Beck's parental rights were terminated in 2009.

A judge still required Beck to support two children under the terms of a divorce from his wife.

The Supreme Court said Monday that Michigan law requires financial support unless a judge modifies or terminates the obligation.

Justice Alton Davis did not participate in the 6-0 decision because he reviewed the case when he was a member of the state appeals court.

Source: Detroit Free Press