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British Refugees Listed

December 29, 2010 permalink

Here is a British blog that names names of families exiled from the UK to protect their children. Following the article is a pair of contrasting pictures from the same blog.



John Hemming Talks About Our Cases In Parliament

Our son Ben who was targeted by Fife Council

John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham and Yardley has been campaigning for Justice in the family courts for an awful long time and recently brought up our cases in the Houses of Parliament.

"The children themselves are asking why their families have been split up. There was a meeting recently in the House, attended by the Minister of State with responsibility for children and families, at which a girl asked why her sister had been adopted and she had been banned from seeing her. Additionally, as children such as Winona Vamey and Tammy Coulter get older, they are acting to reverse the adoptions.

The aggressive way in which the courts have gone after families has created many refugees from the UK—mainly from England although there is one from Scotland. Susen McCabe, Kiel and Lucille O’Regan, Fran Lyon, Kerry and Mark McDougall, Sam Thomas, Emily Burgess, Sam and Vanessa Hallimond and Angela Wileman are only a few examples for whom emigration was necessary to fight the system. Sam Thomas made the mistake of coming back to England—Somerset—and her daughter has now been put up for adoption."

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Source: State Itervention blog

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