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PART with your Money

December 21, 2010 permalink

While Ontario's children's aid societies have been publicly pleading poverty they have found a way to chip in $15,000 each to fund a program called Practice and Research Together, PART.



Ontario CAS - $15,000 Each on P.A.R.T. Membership Fees

Ontario's Children's Aid Societies, Which have been complaining about the Ministry allegedly reducing their funding and closing their doors in some cases, have been spending approximately $15,000 per year in "Membership fees" for a province wide program known as "Practice and Research Together" or "PART".

PART was incorporated on October 15th of 2009 and currently consists of a Board of Directors made up of various Executive Directors of Children's Aid Societies across the province, and a staff member of the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies (OACAS)(which also collects approximately 3 Million dollars a year from CAS's for their membership fees)

PART started out in September of 2007 with a membership of 18 of 53 Societies at a cost to Ontario Tax-Payers of $270,000 @ $15,000 each

By January of 2009, PART was joined by over 36 Societies, therefore increasing the cost of PART memberships to Ontario tax-payers to over $555,000 (half a million)

Source: Foster Care News, John Dunn