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A Swindle a Day Keeps the Worker Away

December 13, 2010 permalink

A New York family has found the way to keep child protectors away. When a father killed himself leaving his two-year-old son alone in the next room, police did not hand the boy over to New York ACS, but instead let his grandfather take him. His mother is returning to New York and will likely take custody of her son as soon as she gets home. The child protectors for once did the right thing and left a child with his family.

What makes this family so special? The boy's other grandfather is Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff. Bernie's son Mark Madoff hanged himself on December 10. The boy is Nicholas Morgan, name changed from Madoff to escape infamy. It would be nice if the rest of us got the same courtesy as the family of an $18 billion swindler.

There is no single news source on this story, Richard Wexler put the pieces together.