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Iowa Fires Same-sex Judges

November 3, 2010 permalink

On April 3, 2009 Iowa legalized same-sex marriage through a unanimous ruling of the state supreme court. Yesterday three judges of that court were the subject of a retention election. The voters rejected all three.

While voters in some American states have approved equal rights for homosexuals, no state has approved same-sex marriage by referendum. Yet in the face of universal disapproval by the voters, the political elites, drawing much of their strength from the money flowing into the family destruction system, continue to impose same-sex marriage through the courts.

In the state of Washington, voters reelected state senator Pam Roach. She has appeared many times in this blog in her role as advocate for families threatened by child protectors.



Iowa Supreme Court

Iowans vote to oust all three Supreme Court justices

All three Iowa Supreme Court justices up for retention election have been ousted from the bench.

Around 54 percent of Iowans voted not to retain each of the three judges: Supreme Court Chief Justice Marsha Ternus and associate justices Michael J. Streit and David L. Baker. The campaign for the judges ouster was based on the court’s unanimous 2009 ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in Iowa.

There were 74 judges, including three Supreme Court justices, on the ballot Tuesday. Only the Supreme Court justices, however, came anywhere close to being removed from the bench.

The highly charged campaign featured more than $1 million in spending against the judges from national anti-gay organizations like the Mississippi-based American Family Association, Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council, Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund, Georgia-based Faith & Freedom Coalition and New Jersey-based National Organization for Marriage. The campaign culminated in a 20-city bus tour across Iowa.

The groups pushing for ouster promised that this was simply the first battle in a nationwide war against gay marriage and gay rights.

“If you rise up you will see states calling, other people from other states phoning and e-mailing and coming to find out how you did it because they too want to take their state back,” said Tamara Scott, of the Concerned Women of America’s Iowa chapter and a participant in the bus tour.

Despite the ouster of the judges, though, same-sex marriage continues to be legal in Iowa, and outgoing Democratic Gov. Chet Culver has the authority to appoint the judges’ successors.

Source: Iowa Independent