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Huntsville Meeting

November 9, 2010 permalink

Yesterday about 90 people packed into a Legion meeting room in Huntsville to discuss the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) and family courts.

Attila Vinczer acted as master of ceremonies, and told of the detention of his two sons.

Vernon Beck spoke at length about his collection of outrageous actions by CAS collected over fifteen years. Many of them have been covered before in this blog.

Larry Killens, former policeman and former CAS director, spoke on what he had seen in his career. One comment: When going to a funeral, he usually sees some laughter, of people remembering the good times with the deceased. At this meeting, there was no laughter. There is no joy at all in an encounter with CAS.

Lisa Porter recounted her efforts lasting more than a year to get a copy of her case file, still without success.

Kim Rheubottom took an interest in neighborhood children being abused at home, and gave the kids a cell phone to be used only in case of emergency. The first call came that night, the kids were being held in a closet. The CAS response? They took the cell phone from the kids.

Kelly Mackin went over about a dozen cases of CAS misconduct drawn from the press.

Chris Carter made it to age 42 without ever seeing a jail cell from the inside. In the last two years, his efforts to protect his own children from CAS have resulted in several incarcerations.

Tabatha Bertrand Haskett spoke on past efforts to get accountability for CAS.

Neil Haskett spoke of his own case. In June it was revealed that Douglas Klasges had raped his foster daughter and that she had given birth to his child. The matter was published over the objections of children's aid, which wanted to keep the matter confidential. Neil has recently found out about another case of a convicted pedophile. He violated a gag order by telling the meeting about the incident, challenging CAS to jail him for revealing a crime against a child.

Here is a collection of meeting photos

Addendum:TV Cogeco (YouTube local copy flv) covered the meeting. Also, speaker Kim Pheubottom (mp4).