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Support Bill 131

November 19, 2010 permalink

Neil Haskett has opened a new website in support of Bill 131, Ombudsman Amendment Act. It is at Ontario's Bill 131. He urges everyone to sign a petition in support of the bill. Details are in the expand block.



Neil Haskett November 18 at 9:04pm

Please download the Bill 131 petition and the petitions instructions below. Petitions make a difference and it's for the kids in care!

We are challenging everyone to get at least 10 friends or family send in as many petitions as possible.

Petitions may be signed by people under the age of majority. If you bring them to your MPP you won't need to pay postage. If you can't afford postage message us and we'll make arrangements.

It's also suggested that we contact our MPP's and ask they support Private Member Bill 131 and maybe get them to sign when your there!

Bill 131 Petition (local copy pdf)
Petition Instructions (link not working)

Submitted Petitions

Source: Facebook, Neil Haskett