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Rally Canceled

November 16, 2010 permalink

According to leader John Fox, the scheduled rally at Queens Park set for November 25 is canceled. The replacement, not yet scheduled, can be expected for next spring. But others still plan to attend on November 25.

Source: Facebook, John Fox

Correction: John Fox plans to go ahead with the rally.



John Fox

"Our children"

As most of you know, we have had these CAS campaigns all spring, summer and well into the late fall. Our last march will be on Nov 25th. To date I believe, we have accomplished education, knowledge, insight and have done this without any police involvement to our members. Our movement has been credible, respected and we have a large following not only in Ontario but right across the country. I am proud to say, we are the grass roots people who have made the difference and will continue to do so. At this time, the message were getting is to be patient as some of our leaderships are working on items which will effect all of us. Namely, a child welfare law being developed. Secondly, have we made an impact of our campaign of marches, protests and raising awareness on the CAS operations in our communities? If so, what else can we do to make our work more effective for change? Thirdly, as winter approaches we will be on a short term break but we need to meet, plan and organize for 2011. Fyi, i watched with high interest on the APTN news/in focus about the native child welfare aired this week. It is heart breaking to see so many kids in State care and it is equally concerning we have no control what happens to our children once there in that system. As one of the panel speakers mentioned, it is true that "loneliness" is a big factor while in the CAS foster home. As it is now and was then, many of our foster homes are overcrowded and as many as 3 to 7 children/youth can be in one foster home. That is not proper! For me, i have shed many a tear, i went throught the "blame stage", i went through my bout with alcohol and i went through tremendous and painful grief experiences. There wasnt a day i did not think of ending it all. Somehow, i managed to come through but at tremendous cost to me personally. First, i had to acknowledge that pain, get help for it and maintain what i decided to undertake for my own survival. Yes, my own survival. Without that healing, i would not be where i am at today. In the end, i came through somehow. Today, i dont blame, i try not to shout at anybody for my problems because the only problems i have today are the ones i created for myself. I have no one to blame. I dont resent, i dont hate but i do try to live a balanced lifestyle of work, laughter, rest and all the other things which make us all enjoy lifes gifts, mysteries and wonders. I hope you can join me in wlecomg this new life everyday. We need each other and it's best we surround ourselves with good people. I am proud of my people, we have a history and we should express that to our children and where we've been. Teach your children being Anishnawbe is what were all about! Lets not forgot about the people were speaking for because for whatever reason, they cannot speak for themselves. We need to be that voice. Keep up the struggle as your all in my heart.. John

November 20, 2010

Source: Facebook