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Petty Theft

October 31, 2010 permalink

When an outsider applies for a service from CAS and tenders a small fee, CAS often does not return the fee when refusing the request. Sometimes the most petty actions are the best indication of organization culture.



Investigation: Children's Aid Societies Denying Memberships But Keeping Membership Fees

The Foster Care Council of Canada is hearing stories of Children's Aid Societies keeping peoples money for services or memberships and not producing results.

In a recent communication received from a citizen in Ontario (local CAS to be named soon) the Foster Care Council of Canada heard that the CAS accepted the person's application for membership and the membership fee, then denied the person's membership, and kept the membership fee.

This person also had to fight just to get a receipt (will be posted here) from the Society verifying that the membership fee was paid.

The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa has engaged in similar behavior. A former Crown Ward, Gary Curtis submitted a request for a list of the Society's members in accordance with the law, which requires a person requesting a list of the Society's members to pay a "reasonable fee" to cover the cost of producing the list. Mr. Curtis was denied the list of members (which is an Offence) and he too had to fight in order to get his money back.

Another former Crown Ward, John Dunn made a similar proper request for a list of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa's members, was illegally denied the list, and to date has not received his money back. This matter is currently being prosecuted and will appear before the court on December 01, 2010. (details here)

If you have read this and have a similar story, please contact us to be added to this post.

Source: Foster Care News, John Dunn

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