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Three Kids Snatched

October 26, 2010 permalink

Attila Vinczer and Vern Beck report on the snatching of three children from a mother in Muskoka.



Attila Vinczer Three children have been apprehended by Muskoka CAS this past Friday from their loving mother. Five police cars attended with two CAS workers who removed two children from the home, one being only 6 month old baby and a third right from school!

The mother was hardly allowed a few minutest to say goodbye to her children and did not even have that chance with her child that was taken right from school! One can only guess at the trauma these poor children must be going through as they don't know where their mother is. Can you imagine this poor six month old baby who is not even able to be nursed by her mother. This mother is now expected to hire a lawyer, prepare a motion by Wednesday to argue why she should get her children back.

The ferocious appetite for children by CAS must be brought to a stop and proper checks and balances put into place forthwith!

Vernon Beck The Muskoka CAS definitely needs to be reined in and made accountable. I have interviewed children from Muskoka on videotape who have reported that they don't trust their CAS worker and don't trust the CAS. CAS workers with Muskoka are breaking the law and I have the proof.

The Muskoka CAS and the unlawful actions of its workers will be one of the topics of discussion at the public meeting to be held in Muskoka on November 8, 2010 at the Legion Hall. Meeting 7:00 pm.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch