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Down-Under Escape

October 8, 2010 permalink

An Australian teenager desperate to escape foster care threatened child protection workers with a knife.



Teen pulled knife on child protection workers

The Northern Territory Supreme Court has heard a 14-year-old boy threatened case workers with a large knife to escape foster care.

The 14-year-old has been in foster care since the age of five.

The court heard in April this year the boy used a 30-centimetre knife to threaten a child protection worker at a Darwin office, telling them, "I'm going to take the car and if you don't let me, I'm going to stab you".

The court heard the boy planned to use the car to return to Adelaide to be reunited with his family.

In sentencing the boy to two-and-a-half years' detention, Justice Dean Mildren noted the boy had threatened to kill himself in the past and behaved in a highly sexualised manner consistent with abuse.

Source: ABC (Australia)