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Family Courts Infested

October 5, 2010 permalink

Family courts in New York were found to be infested with bedbugs. After a number of litigants were contaminated, exterminators got rid of the bugs. Where do we find the exterminators to get rid of lawyers, social workers, psychiatrists, guardians, therapists, mediators and evaluators?



I went to court in Bronx and brought home bedbugs, single mom Brianna Duggan says

Brianna Duggan says she picked up bedbugs in Bronx County Family Court last month.

Forget the divorce lawyers. Brianna Duggan now has a whole new set of bloodsuckers to deal with in the Bronx courts: bedbugs!

The 36-year-old single mom says her Soundview apartment is infested with the bloodsuckers she picked up in Bronx County Family Court last month.

"It's disgusting that they let people inside the courthouse while bedbugs were crawling all around," said Duggan, who accompanied her cousin to court for custody hearings.

"I was already broke from helping her pay for divorce lawyers, and now I'm paying to get them [the bedbugs] out of my home."

A state courts spokesman confirmed the courthouse infestation, which was discovered the first week of September and quickly snuffed out, he said.

Duggan, who was in the court at 900 Sheridan Ave. that same week, said the exterminators showed up too late to help her and scores of other courthouse visitors.

"People were already itching and scratching, but no one in the court listened to us until after the fact," she said.

The creepy parasites were also reported in the Bronx's two main courthouses near Yankee Stadium last month, sources said - even infiltrating the Bronx borough president's offices in the old courthouse at 851 Grand Concourse.

The Bronx and Brooklyn district attorneys' offices have also had infestations.

Source: New York Daily News