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Meetings and Rallies

October 22, 2010 permalink

A CAS Office Protest March has been scheduled for Little Current Ontario on October 29.

On November 1 the eighth annual Grape Expectations Gala Protest will take place in Hamilton.

On November 5 Linda Plourde is hosting a conference in Hamilton with a rally outside.

Confirmed Conference Speakers

  • Samantha Martin - A family from Alberta. They were told by a social worker to give up the rights of their child who was born with a disability, in order to receive the proper care for the child. They trusted the authority of this agency only to witness their child being neglected, abused and ultimately die while in the care of these same foster parents. Four directors the agencies, lawyers, police, social workers, the Prime Minister of Canada and the Premier of Ontario were all made aware of the evidence but turned a blind eye to it. The foster home is still open. Three children died in their care and yet no charges have ever been laid.
  • Charles J. Steckers Jr from Philadelphia - National Child Abuse Hotline, a former foster child speak about how as a six year old, he witnesses his brother being murdered by the foster mom.
  • Michael Borusiewicz - A father from Australia that will travel to let you know how his son was treated in foster care, and died.
  • Chris Martell - A father from Saskatoon who son died in June while he was in the care of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services. Will speak about his son was not receiving proper care from the foster family, due to the number of children in their home.
  • Vernon Beck - from Canada Watch
  • Sylva McLaughlin - Educator University of Moncton, N.B.
  • More to come....

Jane McGrath Anyone willing to rally at the Walkerton office of Children's Aid Bruce County? If so... please message me!

Source: Facebook

An event not on the list of rallies is the Canada Court Watch meeting in Huntsville on November 8. Enclosed below are a speaker announcement for the Huntsville meeting and Neil Haskett's comments on the value of CAS rallies.



Vernon Beck A well respected retired police officer and former Board of Director of the CAS has agreed to speak at the public meeting at the Canadian Legion hall in Huntsville, Ontario on the evening of November 8, 2010. He will be speaking on the unlawfulness of the activities of many of the CAS workers.

This public awareness meeting is shaping up to be a good meeting to bring awareness to the issues of CAS and the family courts. All who can make it are urged to attend. Groups who wish to attend should contact us. Free display tables will be made available for groups who contact us and indicated that they wish to set up their own displays.

Source: Facebook

Neil Haskett Sharon, the rallies have opened tens if not hundreds of thousands of eyes to issues they would have never otherwise ever known about, they've began to empower other victims, they've helped communication between other advocates for accountability, there being recognized and supported by our MPP's, Police (that's a big one) and countless people in our communities. We wanted public support and we were not getting it sitting around on our asses.

For at least the past 6 years I've been keeping logs of certain advocates websites and over the years we've seen increases of about 10,000 visitors a year. This year however. we've seen increases of 80,000+ visitors a month! The rallies have received about a much press in the last 10 months than you would have seen the past 6 years combined. A lot of it was truly amazing for our cause and some it even went national.

Plus, If anyones not all doing everything they can including rallies, handing out information at sporting events, concerts, family events, getting others involved, writing letters to sponsors MPP's, blogging, watching the news and writing letters to the editors to correct false information supplied by CAS there just not doing enough. It doesn't take much time and it's clearly paying off. Because of a lot of planning and a lot of dedicated individuals in this movement we've gained a lot of ground this year. We stepped it up our efforts prior to the Ombudsman getting press about the possibility of losing his position knowing how the media would support him and how it would educate the public about the need for him and this office and we capitalized on it. Then the CAS started getting a lot of bad press on a lot of issues, they also took the Ministry to court.

We're not done yet and we all need to keep going if we want change cause it ain't going to happen on it's own.

Source: Facebook

Addendum: The rally opposing Grape Expections has a YouTube announcement.