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Queens Park

October 5, 2010 permalink

Please save me from CAS

About 50 people participated in a rally outside the provincial parliament on October 4. The rally was addressed by MPP Cheri diNovo of Parkdale-High Park and Sheila White, assistant to NDP leader Andrea Horwath. Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller and Peterbourough MPP Jeff Leal attended without speaking. Non-political speakers included Chris York, Kelly Mackin, Steve Rudd, Molly Bannerman, Florence Taylor, Chris Carter, Catherine Frei, Julian Ichim and several others. Here are some pictures of the rally. All but one of the speakers was recorded, and the speeches should become available over the next few days. Expand for a brief report by radio station, CFBG, and a Facebook report by Catherine Frei.



Coldin Shows up at Toronto Rally for Government Oversight of Children's Aid Society

A rally was held today in Toronto attended by locals who want more government oversight over the Children's Aid Society. Chad Wells, a Huntsville father who was there, says about 100 people took part, including representatives of Canada Court Watch. The rally took place today between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. outside Queen's Park. Five MPP's were also on hand to show their support for the issue, including Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller.

But in a surprise turn of events, Bracebridge resident Brian Coldin showed up at the rally with a placard that contained the word 'Meanskoka'. Coldin's issue is entirely separate from the Children's Aid Society issue. Over the years, he's had numerous charges laid against him in a variety of matters. His complaint is that local justice officials are abusing his human rights - many of his charges were eventually dropped. Coldin still faces criminal court proceedings and is currently on trial for being naked in public. He wants more government oversight on justice officials, who he feels have an unjust vendetta against him.

Source: CFBG

Annual Rally for Accountability of the Children's Aid Societies

A group of over 50 protesters gathered at Queen’s Park today in Toronto, seeking more oversight of the 53 Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario. The Advocates are supporting a new private members Bill being passed that would allow third party, such as the Ombudsman, to investigate the 53 privately owned corporations which are being funded by the taxpayers of Ontario. As it stands today, there are few mechanisms in place to ensure that checks and balances are taking place. The group of advocates are from all corners of the province, and have been holding regular rallies/protests across the province since early this year. Among those present today was Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller, Parkdale/Highpark MPP, Cheri DiNovo, who also supports such a bill being passed. Also, Sheila White a representative for Hamilton MPP, Andrea Horwath, who introduced a similar Private Members Bill which was prorogued earlier this year in parliament. Andrea was unable to attend due to a prior engagement, but made sure that there was a representative there as she fully supports this cause. The primary focus for the advocates in attendance today has been to raise public awareness regarding the urgent need for more accountability, transparency and oversight of the agencies. Hamilton Church Minister, Steve Rudd, who has spoken at previous rallies also delivered a speech today, and many individuals who have had profoundly negative experiences dealing with the CAS. Some accounts of experiences were from grandparents, parents, former crown wards and several aboriginal supporters whose families were affected in the 50’s and 60’s by the Residential Schools. This movement has committed themselves to continuing to advocate for children and their families, until the much needed change is delivered by our provincial government

Source: Facebook, Catherine Frei

Addendum: MPP Cheri diNovo and Sheila White speak on YouTube and local copy (flv). Former foster child Sarah (or Sara) Smith, vimeo and local copy (mp4), Stephen Rudd vimeo and mp4.


MPP Cheri diNovo and Sheila White YouTube flv
Former foster child Sarah (or Sara) Smith vimeo mp4
Stephen Rudd vimeo mp4
Catherine Frei Facebookmp4

While listening to Stephen Rudd, you can watch a copy of the MMPI-2.