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Speak Out

October 13, 2010 permalink

Esther Buckareff is doing a documentary on a topic that includes child protection. In her own words: "I am presently completing my Masters in Documentary Media at Ryerson University. My documentary work is on giving people a voice who have been silenced by fear (by bureaucrats and politicians)."

Many people who have seen abuses within the child protection and foster care systems have been blocked from speaking out. An example of a threat used to control and silence parents is: "We will take your kids unless ...". For foster parents there is the additional: "We will take away your money unless ...".

Many readers of this site have had these experiences. If you have something to contribute and wish to share your experiences, or if you know of another person who can contribute, you can get in touch with Esther Buckareff by email to [ ebuckare at ]. Parents, fosters and (former) social workers are all invited. You can appear on camera, or if you prefer, by voice only with substitute pictures, or your words can be read by a professional, keeping you off video and audio.