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Babies 4sale!

August 26, 2010 permalink

A white baby will set you back $30,500. Mixed race babies, beneficiaries of heterosis, go for small discounts. You can pick up a pure black baby at the heavy discount of only $16,000. Oops, these are not sales. The payments are for "fees". Looks like black babies require filling out only half as many forms.



A Few New Situations as of Aug. 26

Hello!! On a quick personal note, I have a renewed sense of what all of my families and what prospective adoptive parents everywhere are going through. My husband and I adopted our daughter three years ago (using Christian Adoption Consultants, actually, which is what led me to the absolute joy of doing what I do now:) and we're starting to talk seriously about adopting our second baby. So, I'm immersed in home study forms and getting the house ready for a home study and getting funds together and looking at grants, etc. It's exhausting and so exciting! :) It really has reminded me, also, why having a consultant was such a blessing to us. It was an immeasurable help and relief to have someone there for us walking us through the entire process - from finding a home study agency to creating our profile to helping us think of the right things to talk about with our daughter's birth mom. It means so much to me, as well, as an adoptive parent that everyone at Christian Adoption Consultants is an adoptive parent also. We all know on a personal basis as well as a professional one what this process is like! So, a special prayer for all of you guys just starting out! Congrats on this exciting step - it'll be the greatest blessing of your life! :)

The following are a few situations available to our clients from the agencies we work with:

  • Caucasian/African American baby girl due Oct. 17 in UT. Agency fees are 22,500 plus medical.
  • Caucasian/African American baby boy due in Oct. Agency fees are 26,500 plus 4K in assistance to mom.
  • African American baby boy due Oct. 5 in UT. Agency fees are 16K plus medical.
  • Caucasian baby boy due Jan. 11 Agency fees are 30,500 plus medical.

For more info about any of these situations, other situations available to our clients or info about the services Christian Adoption Consultants offers, email me at

Have a great day! :)

Source: Adoption: A Path of the Heart, August 26, 2010