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Winning Streak Ends

July 15, 2010 permalink

Seven years ago Amber Nicklas, then one year old, was taken from California foster care care by three of her aunts. This week she was seized by police in Arizona and returned to foster care.



Amber Nicklas: Kidnapped Girl Missing Almost 7 Years Found

Amber Nicklas
Amber Nicklas
(Personal Photo)

LOS ANGELES (CBS/KCAL/AP) Amber Nicklas was just 13-months-old when she was allegedly abducted by her three aunts from her foster parents nearly seven years ago.

Now, she is back in California after she was discovered safe in Phoenix, according to authorities.

Detectives from the Phoenix Police department's missing persons unit, as well as the FBI and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, came to a home in Northern Phoenix with a search warrant looking for the girl.

Officials say the woman who answered the door tried to hide the girl, now 7 years old, under clothes in a bathroom shower.

According to CBS affiliate KCAL, the girl was reported to be in fine condition and well cared for.

The girl's name and date of birth had been changed, but officials said a positive match was made using her footprint and a DNA swab.

She was originally kidnapped, reportedly by three biological aunts - all juveniles at the time - during a non-custodial visitation.

The foster parents were distracted by two of the aunts and the third aunt got away with the child, Los Angeles County sheriff's Lt. Bill Evans told the Associated Press.

Two of those aunts were later arrested; a third remains at-large.

The woman who was reportedly caring for the girl is not the third aunt, say police.

Source: CBS News