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Klamath County Judges

August 2, 2010 permalink

1905 - Mother and dead baby
Photograph titled 1905 - Mother and dead baby recovered from Flicr and attributed to Mexique - Romualdo Garcia Torres. Click on the image for a larger version.

Bill Bowen, creator of the short documentary Innocence Destroyed, has investigated the judges of Klamath county Oregon. He has enough material to tell a powerful story of abuse. Mr Bowen also suggests a flag bearing a mother with a dead baby as the CPS logo. The picture at the right is a start, though instead of the mother's melancholy face, she might wear the social worker smirk.



More on Klamath County and the judges

Let’s start off with Judge Cameron Wogan, who is supposed to be the head judge in Klamath County and for the longest time I thought Roxanne Osborn was the head judge?? Oh well.

Cameron baby was the judge in one case against parents who DHS was trying vigorously to take away. It did not make any sense at first. I attended those hearings almost everyday and he never looked up and appeared to be playing on his computer despite the fact that a recording of the entire proceedings were being made and would later be transcribed into written, certified, transcripts. He acted like he had to type every word. A worker there informed me that judge Cameron Wogan likes to play computer games on his computer while cases as before him, I sure hope they are games and not something else.

In that case there were over one thousands distinct errors or blatant changes in the transcript when the audio record was transcribed and he refuse to grant a hearing on that matter. All of the more than over a thousand alterations of the testimony in that case favored the state and CPS, not one mistake favored the parents. That same judge discussed that case with another citizen not involved in that case, via letter, which the judge should never do. That judge also discussed that case with another couple who had no involvement with that case which is another big no, no and over a one year period that same judge refused to grant the parents a hearing where they could present the proof of what is written above. In another motion he refused to hear their motion although they had the top forensic audio expert on the west coast, who has testified as an expert witness for the state of Oregon willing to testify as to the inaccuracies of the certified transcript and Judge Wogan denied that motion as well. 27 word files of that couples hearings were all altered at the same minute on the same day and they do not match the audio record and it was done on a day when the court house was closed and only one former employee signed to enter the court house that day and had access to the computers. I have copies of those transcripts and sign in log for that day. I have a former transcriptionist for the same Klamath County Court house who on film and in front of witnesses, including two senators, plus a notarized affidavit, stated she was ordered by her boss at the court house to falsely attest that she had corrected bad transcripts and have her signature notarized when she had never typed the originals nor did she do any corrections. How you liking all this Cameron? It stings a little doesn’t it and now everybody is finding out about you. This isn’t all the information I have only a scant bit on here, but the rest is coming.

No, I didn’t forget Judge Issacson, how could I? Judge Isaccason had a young father brought before him. That father had been on probation and was due to get off probation at the end of that month, let’s call it April. The Probation Officer, Bill Wilkerson, told that father that if the father did some extra contributions and work he would be let off probation a month early. One of the father’s conditions of probation was no drinking. The father did what was asked and was verbally told by his probation officer that he was off probation. A few days later that father saw his former probation officer and when asked said he had stopped at a neighbors and drank two beers with him. The probation officer THEN informed that father that although the probation officer never told the father that it turned out he was not empowered to make such a deal to let the father off probation early and he revoked his probation and had him arrested and tried in front of judge Issacasson. Although the probation officer admitted he had told the father about the deal and told him he was off probation and further that once the probation officer had learned the father was not off probation, he never told him. Judge Issacson saw nothing wrong with that and sentenced the young father to 25 months in the state prison. That happened to be enough time for CSP to terminate that father’s rights and give his three blonde haired blue eyed children to a couple to adopt. That couple was not on the list of those approved and awaiting to adopt and in fact that couple had not at that time completed their courses which would enable them to adopt. The father was appointed a special attorney to represent him and that attorney came directly from the office of the Indigent defenders office of the state of Oregon or Office of Public Defender’s Services. That lawyer told the father that he thought the children were so beautiful that wanted pictures of them. (You see it coming don’t you?) It turns out that the secretary for the General Council of the Office Of Public Defender services had some relatives who wanted to adopt children and lo and behold guess where those children were placed and adopted. Roxanne Osborn saw to it the adoption was carried out before the parents even had the final hearing in the appeals court where their indigent attorney refused to bring up the alterations in their transcripts and this was all started by Judge Issacson, a judge in Klamath County. That is only one such story about this man who today, sits on the bench in Klamath County. I have the transcripts and letters from the head of OPDS claiming there is no relation between the couple with the unusual last name and the secretary of the corporate council for the office of public defender’s services for the state of Oregon with that same unusual last name that adopted the children and who jumped the line and I have copies of their old face book, since taken down, where they were corresponding with each other. So much for ethics. These people seem to believe that not getting caught is the same thing as having not done the act. I have a lot more on this and plan on exposing it all. This case sadly, is so typical.

Next up, Klamath Counties newest judge, Judge Bunch, who was the former County Council for Klamath County, right where all of these other cases were ongoing but he didn’t know, right?

You forgot my what?????

Source: Facebook, Bill Bowen