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Legal Aid is Useless

August 7, 2010 permalink

In a brief note, John Hemming, a liberal British MP part of the ruling coalition, says legal aid lawyers in child care cases roll over. Legal aid is denied to families who wish to seriously contest the process. The real job of legal aid in Britain is to facilitate child removal. Just like everywhere else. An Ontario father told fixcas: "My lawyer rolled on his back and let CAS rub his tummy".



Legal aid proposals for family division

There is a lot of wailing going on about the legal aid proposals. Some of it may be valid.

However, given that most firms of solicitors merely roll over when facing care proceedings against their clients I see a lot of the money as being simply wasted.

Furthermore given that legal aid is from time to time refused for parents who wish to contest proceedings I wonder what it is all about.

Source: John Hemming blog

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