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Girl Snatched

July 4, 2010 permalink

Christine Embleton

A mother has posted her story of kidnapping by CAS. It contains the common lie that her eight-year-old daughter does not want to see mom. Based on past experience, they are also telling the daughter that mom does not want you any more.

Christine Embleton my story. I dont know if i should post this here but Id figure Id give it a shot, my child was apprehened a month ago from school with no prior warning, when i went to pick her up i was asked to come to the cas building after i heard the allegiation i was told my daughter was being apprehened I demanded to see her but was told she didnt want to see me Im sure everyone has felt the same but i died that day so like usual 5 days later was court but little did casknow i had already retained a lawyer i was served 2 minutes to 10am when court was to start, i was 2 weeks later video taped by the police and found of no wrong doing, i have yet to see or receive any communication with her with cas knowing i have done know wrong doing my ex has had 1 supervised visit and a 2hour unsupervised visit with her now i know she had some attitude issues shes almost 9 but the foster mom informed him last saturday that my daughter is lying breaking into the car and no defecating on the floor what the hell are they doing to my child everytime i ask to see her i get told she still doesnt want to see you i ask how she is and i get told shes good as much as my ex and i dont get along he even told cas that is bs that she would never say she doesnt want to see her mother her mom is that lil girls world which shocked me he even stated that cas informed me they are trying to work it out that she can go with her dad as much as im fighting to get her back to me i said send her there its better than foster care, so my question is if anyone knows when court is this tuesday with the immediate return of my child to me and with the fact that she is apparently suffering from reactive attachment disorder will the judge give her back to me on tuesday with what i am sure of alot of supervision by cas or am i fighting a losing battle her being in foster care is doing more damage to her than she has ever been in in her lil life?

Yesterday at 3:10am

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