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Foster Dad Convicted 29 Years Late

July 2, 2010 permalink

Former foster parent Brian Caza of Iroquois Falls Ontario has been convicted of sexually abusing three foster girls in incidents occurring 28 and 29 years ago. It was the kind of case where there was no physical evidence and no injury, only stories of three women who were ages 6 to 9 at the time of the incidents.

Cases like this accomplish nothing. Maybe the alleged crimes did not take place, in which case an innocent man will be punished. Or they did. How many other foster parents will be disuaded by the prospect of conviction in 29 years? Instead of looking into dark memories, CAS should concentrate on stopping abuse of kids in foster care now.



Former foster dad guilty on 3 counts

An Iroquois Falls man was found guilty of three counts of indecent assault upon females in Timmins Superior Court on Wednesday.

Brian Caza, 62, a former foster parent for the Children's Aid Society, was originally charged with 13 counts of physical and sexual abuse, including one count of sexual intercourse with a child and four counts of gross indecency. However, the judge found him guilty only three councils of indecent assault.

The victims are three sisters, aged 6, 7, and 9 at the time of the assaults, who were in his care from 1981 to 1982.

Caza acknowledged in his testimony that he gave the sisters oil massages to "relax them." The Court accepted the victims' testimonies that during the massages, the accused repeatedly touched their genitalia.

In her reasons, Justice Cindy MacDonald pointed to similar fact, a legal term which enabled her to use evidence provided from each complainant to strengthen and support their separate testimonies.

Accusations included repeated intercourse with the nine-year-old and numerous acts of oral sex. The defendant was also accused but not convicted of sexually assaulting the girls by inserting objects into their rectums.

In his case, defence lawyer Paul Bragagnolo suggested that the complainants memories may not have been accurate, or may have been "exaggerated and built upon" given the passage of time.

The Crown was represented by Assistant Crown Attorney Wayne O'Hanley.

Charges were laid against Caza after the complainants reported their allegations to police within the last couple of years.

A return date for sentencing has been set for Sept. 1 in the Superior Court in Timmins.

Source: Timmins Daily Press