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Trial for Chris Carter

August 31, 2010 permalink

Chris Carter

Through much of last winter Chris Carter, available because of his seasonal employment, carried a sign "Children's aid destroys families" outside the Waterloo CAS office on Hespeler Road in Cambridge. He got much support from passers-by, and no police harassment. But on February 10 he moved to the Cambridge courthouse. The vocal Mr Carter was soon surrounded by over a dozen listeners and four police cruisers. He refused their request to cease and desist on charter grounds, and continued. Within the hour, acting on complaints from Kim Putman and Virgina Torrance, Mr Carter was arrested. He was let out of jail the next day with several pending charges. Months later he sent insulting, but not threatening, emails to Putman and Torrance, and was again arrested, this time for violating bail conditions and several additional charges. He has been at Maplehurst Correctional Complex ever since. His trial is scheduled for September 8 and 13 at the courthouse in Cambridge. As it is a purely criminal matter, the public should be admitted to the courtroom. Supporters within range of Cambridge are encouraged to attend on those days. This paragraph comes entirely from Mr Carter — anyone having personal knowledge of inaccuracies is invited to notify fixcas (contact info on home page).

Mr Carter will have a rare opportunity to cross-examine two children's aid lawyers, his accusers. He is open to suggestions on what subjects to explore while they are on the stand. Here is one suggestion. Ask for the profession of each (lawyer). As such, they can hardly be the kind of delicate women who would fall to pieces under insult. And to follow up, what is the kind of law they practice? Taking children from mom and dad. Not everyone can do that job. It requires someone with special human qualities, not including sensitivity.

Addendum: Supporters supplied Mr Carter with an audio recorder, but on the first day of the trial he was not permitted to use it.