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Girl Rescued from CAS

May 24, 2010 permalink

The efforts of Canada Court Watch have enabled a teenaged girl to get out of CAS care and live with her dad. The CCW write-up is below, here is a link to her video (mp4).



One teen's message to other teens when experiencing problems with Children's Aid Society

(May 22, 2010) A teen contacted Canada Court Watch and reported being abused and her rights and freedoms being violated while in care of the Children's Aid Society. Once this teen learned about her rights and freedoms which children's aid society workers would not inform her about, she was finally empowered to stand up for her rights and freedoms and to break the chains of Children's Aid Society oppression.

Today, this girl is happily living as a free person and able to make her own choices in life. She is one one the new generation of young Canadians who better understand what the word "freedom" means. She also understands that in many cases CAS agencies do more harm to children than good.

This teen now understands what it means to speak out with the truth and to stand up to defend freedom and democracy in Canada. Hopefully, her message will encourage other teens in care to learn about their rights and to start fighting for their freedoms

View this girls message on Canada Court Watch Vimeo site at:

Source: Canada Court Watch