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Who do they think they are?

June 17, 2010 permalink

A girl ran away from CAS care at age sixteen to go back to her parents. At age seventeen, when she was doing well at home, she responded to an effort by children's aid to supervise her in her own home with an affidavit. In it she asked: "Who do these CAS workers think they are?". A lot of us have been wondering for a long time.



17-year-old teen tells court, "Who do these CAS workers think they are?"

(June 16, 2010) Court Watch has obtained the sworn testimony of a 17-year-old teenager who submitted an affidavit to the court in which she posed the question to the court asking as to who these CAS workers think they are to supervise her when when was 17 years old and doing just fine on her own at home.

CAS had wanted an order to supervise the family to make sure that the parents cared for the child properly in spite of the teens age and the fact that she was happy and doing well at home.

In her affidavit, the teen claimed that CAS were attempting to get the order out of revenge for her walking out of CAS care when she was 16 years of age. In spite of many threats against her by CAS workers to have her and her parents arrested by police, the teen said she walked out of the CAS facility where she was being abused and has stated that she will never return to that CAS hell.

Court Watch will be publishing a story about this brave girl who has stood up to fight the CAS bullies and won her freedom. Readers should stay tuned for further developments to this story.

Source: Canada Court Watch