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Queens Park Rally

May 20, 2010 permalink

Queens Park Rally, May 17, 2010

CAS opponents rallied at Queens Park on May 17. Here is a photo of Chris York, Felisha Barber and Angela Barber in a group at a side excursion to CCAS, 26 Maitland Street, following the posted advice to Use Your Voice. For more photos, refer to Charmaine Jensen-Voisine's Photos - Rally for Accountability - CAS, May 17, 2010 on Facebook.

The rally attracted the attention of outsider Kendall Hall. His blog entry is below.



When The Kids Take Over The Kingdom

Re: Protest at Bay/Wellesley (Monday May 17th), vs Ontario Children’s Aid Society

I had never thought very much about the Ontario Children’s Aid Society (CAS) until a loud protest at their Toronto offices (situated across a busy intersection from my apartment) alerted me to the fact that there are a lot of angry people out there whose children have been taken away from them.

The bullhorns and chanting had to come on a migraine morning. Blindingly sunny, the weather was perfect for an obnoxious demonstration and every siren sound on the bullhorn was explored and given equal time to attract attention.

Single fathers and mothers armed with bullhorns, flags and reclining beach chairs camped out outside the office building providing excitement for the worker’s on their smoke breaks, the people on the way to the large Tim Hortons and the visiting tourists at the Sutton Hotel. They yelled about “Your child being the Children’s Aid Society’s next victim.” They also claimed that CAS was responsible for 96 children’s deaths in the last year, and handed out pamphlets to passers by.

The protest did prompt me to do some basic research on the Toronto Children’s Aid Society. Here is what I found::

Children’s Aid Society of Canada
National Children’s Aid Society
Legal status
Non-governmental organization
Child and family services
Ottawa, Ontario
Region served
Official languages
English, French

There are 53 corporate Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario, Canada, who’s stated mission is to “investigate reports or evidence of abuse or neglect of children under the age of 16 or in the society’s care or supervision and, where necessary, take steps to protect the children, to care for and supervise children who come under their care or supervision, counsel and support families for the protection of children or to prevent circumstances requiring the protection of children and to place children for adoption.” [1]

CAS agencies receive funding from, and are under the supervision of the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services. [2] However, they are regarded as a Non-governmental organization (NGO) which allows the CAS a large degree of autonomy from interference or direction in the day to day running of CAS by the Ministry. The Ministry also investigates complaints against CAS and maintains authority to act against the Agencies. [3]

// Authority: Children’s Aid Societies have authority under provincial legislation [4] to remove children from homes where they face either a risk of harm, or have experienced harm. Children who cannot remain with caregivers are sometimes placed with other family members (“kin”), family friends (“kith”), or in customary care, which is an option for aboriginal children. In other cases, children can be placed into foster homes or group homes, as well as being adopted. In most cases, children remain in their home, where they are provided service by their local Children’s Aid Society until there are no longer child protection concerns.

In Ontario, a Children’s Aid Society’s paramount purpose as described by the Child and Family Services Act is to “promote the best interests, protection, and well being of children”.[5]

[ The source includes references and external links. ]

Source: Kendall Hall blog