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Concert for Baynes

May 31, 2010 permalink

Zabeth Bayne

Paul and Zabeth Bayne, financially exhausted after two years of struggle to get their children back from British Columbia MCFD, are holding a fund-raising concert on June 6 in Vancouver.

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“For Love and for Justice” Fund-Raising Concert Invitation

by Charterlau

You are cordially invited to attend the “For Love and for Justice” Fund-Raising Concert at the Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church, 7474 Culloden Street, Vancouver, BC June 6, 2010, 7:30pm to 9:00pm

The following is a link about the last fund-raising concert and a very brief background info about the Bayne family.

基督日報- 冰氏夫婦為與三名子女共聚天倫辦音樂會籌款

The B.C. government that seized three children from two Surrey parents, Paul and Zabeth Bayne, in September of 2007 for allegedly shaking their baby girl. They had since lost their home and jobs due to huge legal expenses. The funds that were acquired from a January Piano Concert have been exhausted through court costs to date. A group of brother and sister is working very hard behind the scene to help them as much as possibly can. The coming Fund-Raising Concert is scheduled at June 6, 2010 at the Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church (7474 Culloden Street, Vancouver.)

I really appreciate your prayer and help.

Please come enjoy some fabulous performance and help to send the children home!

God bless!

“For Love and for Justice” Fund-Raising Concert commitee

Source: Vimeo