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Milk Shortage

March 31, 2010 permalink

Teenagers in Ontario foster care are denied a nutritionally adequate supply of milk.



Children in CAS care being denied adequate milk to drink

Canada Court Watch has finished videotaping two teenagers from two different CAS foster facilities who have both provided testimony that they were denied adequate milk to meet Canada's food guide requirements.

Both teens described on video how they were told that they could not go to the fridge on their own. Fridges were off limits to the kids in care. Even when milk was allowed it was often only one glass a day. Kids would be punished for only wanting more milk.

While the Ontario Government pays out to support children in care, many claim that CAS agencies and foster homes, pocket money by denying children proper nutrition and clothing.

The Government of Ontario must take steps to ensure that the money being paid to care for children is being used appropriately by CAS caregivers. Testimony of the teens will be made available on the Court Watch website in the near future.

Source: Canada Court Watch