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April 26, 2010 permalink

When a teenager in CAS care went to the psychiatrist to renew her prescription, he did not examine her, just filled out the forms and signed them.



Another teen reports forced medication and abuse in CAS care (04/22/10)

(April 22, 2010) Another teen has contacted Canada Court Watch to report how she was forced under threat to take a number of powerful medications while in care of the CAS in Ontario.

The teen reported that she was given powerful medications for as long as she could remember and that the same CAS "approved" doctors kept repeating her medications without ever asking her how she felt while under the influence of the medications forced on her by the CAS. While under the influence of these meds, she felt dizzy and her head felt funny for years. Her parents stated that she acted like a Zombie during supervised visits.

The teen reported that the "approved" CAS doctors did not ask her anything about her health when she was taken by CAS workers to get her prescriptions continually refilled. At the visits, the CAS doctors just said "Hi" to the teen and then just filled in the forms to repeat the medications.

Canada Court Watch has received similar reports from teens at difference CAS agencies. It seems that a number of doctors with close ties to CAS agencies are just rubber stamping medications without exercising due diligence to get the kids off of drugs and to make them well. Most likely in the name of profit for the doctors and the CAS.

Many believe that CAS agencies push to have children put on drugs in order to get the extra funding that the Province of Ontario pays for kids labeled as special needs. These drugs are costing the taxpayers of Ontario huge amounts annually yet in many cases these prescription drugs are not required.

Any child who has been in care of the CAS or who is currently in care and who feels that medication is being forced upon them which they feel is unnecessary should contact Canada Court Watch at and provide us with the name(s) of the doctors who are prescribing the medications without due diligence being exercised.

Source: Canada Court Watch

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