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CAS Attacks Father

March 10, 2010 permalink

An anonymous father reports on his experiences with Ontario children's aid. When he applied for help with his wife confidentially, CAS immediately tipped her off. When his wife threatened to kill him, the judge treated it as a joke. Later CAS took away his sons' opportunity to see their greatgrandmother before she passed away.

He alludes to the new policy requiring all custody changes to get the approval of children's aid.

One disagreement with anonymous: CAS attacks fathers, but it also attacks mothers. It is an equal-opportunity destroyer.



Children's Aid Society

Now, judges in Ontario must consider ... Children's Aid Society reports before giving custody.

This is sure to make things even worse for Ontario fathers fighting for custody-the Children's Aid Society is one of the worst father hating organisations in existence.

I have experienced first hand its Gestapo tactics.

My wife made numerous, totally unfounded complaints against me. Even long after the CAS had noted in their own records that the complaints were unsubstantiated they continued to send staff regularly every month to my home to continue to investigate me. It was only after legal action was repeatedly threatened against them that they stopped. The CAS refused then and refuses still to give me a copy of any of the complaints against me or of any of the records of their investigation. They tell me that they will do so only if ordered by a judge - they claim confidentiality as the reason. All that they would ever say is "Our records show that there was not sufficient evidence to substantiate the claims". Or, to put it another way: "We are sure that as a father you are scum and therefore you must be guilty but we couldn't twist enough of the facts to make it stick in court."

I was later to discover that during this period, contrary to the law, the CAS sent my children to a summer camp and paid for it out of CAS funds. The CAS was fully aware and had the documents to prove that there was a joint custody order in force and therefore the CAS was aware that they, by law, had to inform me of any actions taken with respect to the children. They simply ignored the law. This little CAS funded 'kidnapping', for that is what it amounted to, was so my wife could have the courts turn down my request to take my children out to Alberta to visit their critically ill paternal grandmother who had just had a severe heart attack and triple bypass surgery; and also to meet for the first time, their great grandmother who was 94 and in failing health. Their grandmother (my mother) had even written a letter, for me to give the judge, that literally "begged" for permission to be granted that she could have her grandchildren visit in case there was never another opportunity. The request was turned down because "the children's mother has already made arrangements for the children during that time period". It wasn't until months later that I learned that the 'arrangements' were in fact summer camp that had been registered for and paid for by the CAS. Fortunately my mother has regained a portion of her health and my sons have had the chance since then to visit her. Their great-grandmother passed away shortly after the travel request was denied and as a result died without ever seeing her great-grandsons or her great-grandsons meeting her.

When I did find out about the summer camp, my lawyer contacted the CAS for an explanation. The first time, they sent a letter back which had a number of comments on it totally unrelated to the summer camp issue. My lawyer sent a second letter requesting clarification which they totally ignored. When my lawyer then phoned them they simply hung up on her.

At about that same time, the Ontario Ombudsman was conducting an investigation into CAS spending that resulted in many headlines as I am sure everyone recalls. I submitted my complaint concerning the summer camp since it was a misuse of funds - i.e. the CAS had used their funding to carry out an unlawful act. I was informed that the mandate of the Ombudsman was limited to investigating "misuse of funds" and did not extend to custody issues so that my complaint did not comply with investigation guidelines. I was told, however, that my complaint would be "kept on file". Of course I have never heard another word about it.

Even when totally untrue and unsubstantiated, complaints to the CAS about fathers are kept on file, inaccessible to the father, and are used by the woman's lawyer in divorce and custody proceedings. How do I know? Because in court my wife's lawyer said, long after the complaints were refuted: "Mr. W***** has had numerous complaints regarding child abuse logged against him with the Children's Aid Society." When I protested that the complaints were all found to be totally unsubstantiated the lawyer made some offhand comment about "well I am just saying that there were numerous complaints made". Again the same attitude-the complaints were logged, therefore he must be guilty-don't confuse me with the facts.

As for confidentiality - that is a joke if you are a father.

My ex-wife verbally, psychologically, and physically abused me over many years. When I went to a Family Services agency for advice and support, thinking naively that my confidentiality would be protected, the first thing they did was send a Children's Aid worker to my home to interview my wife.

So much for confidentiality. So not only did my wife know I had spoken to Family Services about the abuse so did her father. This led to my ex-father-in-law verbally harassing and threatening me as well.

The evening the Children's Aid worker visited, my wife threatened to kill me in front of this Children’s Aid worker. No mention of this was ever made in the worker's report. In fact when my lawyer brought it up in court the judge literally laughed in my face.

On another occasion my lawyer and I attended CAS offices to respond to yet another child abuse complaint (I assume by my wife, the CAS will not even tell a father who filed the complaint). During that session the CAS immediately admitted that the complaint was unfounded but then insisted that I sign a statement that I would never, under any circumstances, spank my children and that if I did the statement would be used against me in court. I, of course, told them that I never spank my children but that even if I did it was none of their business. As it turns out, this was the same week that the Supreme Court had ruled that parents had a constitutional right to spank their children so long as they used reasonable force. I told the CAS that it was illegal in Canada (and it is) to ask anybody to sign any document that abrogates any of their rights under the Charter of Rights and, hence, irrespective of whether I spanked my children or not, they were breaking the law in even asking me to sign such a document. My lawyer supported me fully on this point and the CAS backed off but did say that my wife had signed the document (which is why I think she originated this complaint, as well as all the others) and I could be sure that my refusal to sign it would be brought up in court.

This is yet another example of organisations like the CAS and FRO stating categorically that Canadian Law, the Canadian Constitution, and the Charter of Rights do not apply to therm and they will do whatever they please.

During that same CAS session my lawyer presented the CAS with a 30 page document chronicling 3 years of abuse by my wife against both the children and myself and requested that the CAS log and investigate each of those complaints. The CAS did nothing with the document and inquiries since about it have been met with the statement that for confidentiality reasons they cannot comment.

I know that I am just one of thousands and thousands of fathers who have been met with the same Gestapo tactics from the CAS.

We can be sure that this latest "change in custody proceedings" will do nothing but further entrench the CAS and its father hating tactics and cause the destruction of untold more fathers and their children.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about this announcement is that the changes were made in response to an investigation wherein a drug addicted MOTHER had petitioned Family Court to grant custody of her child to another WOMAN friend, so that the mother could enter a rehab facility. The WOMAN judge agreed and the WOMAN granted custody severely abused the child over many months (worst abuse I have seen in 20 years, it is the work of the devil said one investigating Toronto cop) and eventually murdered the child.

So .... an innocent child is severely abused and murdered, because of actions taken by 3 different WOMEN ..... and the FATHERS of Ontario will be punished and have to pay the price for this atrocity.

Long live gender equality.


Source: F4J Quebec