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Sampson Aftermath

March 1, 2010 permalink

The final response to the death of Katelynn Sampson is, guess what? More power for children's aid!

The Katelynn Sampson case resembles a pattern in a few other cases such as Bertha Gonzales in California, in which child protectors wish to place a child with a foster parent known to be disqualified by the law. Since applying to a court will be futile, the child protectors instead threaten the mother with foster care to get her to voluntarily consent to the placement.

Ontario's political response to the failure of this technique in the Sampson case is not to eliminate threats by children's aid, but to expand their power. Now when a mother wants to let her sister care for her kids, children's aid will get a veto over the decision.



New Ontario child custody rules start today

New provincial rules for child custody that take effect Monday will require every person applying to complete a "parenting affidavit."

Non-parents who apply for custody will need to provide a police record check and a Children's Aid Society record report.

"Families need a justice system that supports them and their children," Attorney General Chris Bentley said.

The government actions appear to be a response to the horrific death of seven-year-old Katelynn Sampson, while in the custody of a legal guardian.

"The terrible tragedy that is Katelynn Sampson's death caused me, and I know everybody, to sit back and say is there something more that we should be doing," Bentley said when he first introduced the changes in November 2008.

"I was struck by the fact that there is very little required (for custody) beyond an application form."

Source: Toronto Sun