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Jury of Yes-Men

March 3, 2010 permalink

The coroner's jury in the Matthew Reid case has returned 45 recommendations, all originating from the social services system, and all suggesting more power for, or scrutiny by, social services as the way to protect children. Overlooked by the jury: if Matthew Reid had been left with his natural family he would still be alive.

The jury recommendations are on our news page containing all the news stories published during the inquest, you can also view the original email from the coroner (pdf).

Examination of the recommendations suggests that the coroner's jury was composed of social workers, or yes-men who uncritically adopted suggestions from social services lawyers. Many of the recommendations are from a CAS wish-list, and unrelated to the Matthew Reid case, such as parental computer controls to keep pornography away from Matthew.

Addendum: A non-authoritative source identifies Matthew's foster mother as Margaret Barrow.

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