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Oshawa Rally

March 19, 2010 permalink

Metroland reports on the anti-CAS rally today in Oshawa.



Anti-Children's Aid Society rally held in Oshawa Friday

Group wants ombudsman to have oversight of agencies

DURHAM -- About a dozen people marched up and down Simcoe Street on Friday, trying to raise awareness for a bill that would give the provincial ombudsman oversight of Children's Aid societies.

Jen (her last name is being withheld as she has had dealings with the CAS) is from Oshawa and she helped organize Friday's protest.

"We're trying to promote awareness of the issue of children's aid. A lot goes unspoken," she said. "We're hoping to gain awareness in Oshawa of what we're trying to do."

Andrea Horwath, the NDP leader in Ontario, is pushing Bill 93, which would give the ombudsman oversight of Children's Aid societies. But the bill has been stalled in the legislature.

Zane Sherwood, of Kitchener, has been involved in similar rallies.

"We're trying to get the ombudsman to take oversight of Children's Aid societies," he said. "It would stop corruption and child abduction. After three anonymous calls, they think they have the right to come into your home with two police officers and take your children.

"We're trying to make our point," he said of the rally.

Mr. Sherwood said rallies have been held across Ontario to raise awareness.

Brian Prousky, the director of services for the Durham CAS, said, "We would say, ultimately, it's up to the provincial government to put whatever oversight it feels is needed in place. Regardless of the oversight, we will provide the most transparent service possible."

Mr. Prousky pointed to several oversight measures already in place, such as the Child and Family Services Review Board, the provincial auditor general and the accountability office with the Ministry of Children and fFmily Services.

"Every children's aid society receives oversight by an independent community-based board of directors," Mr. Prousky said. "Our board members are members of the community and they make governance decisions for the society.

"We welcome any accountability," he added. "We feel there's sufficient mechanisms in place now."

Source: Metroland/Durham Region