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Kitchener Rally

March 31, 2010 permalink

Attila Vinczer reports on today's rally at the CAS office in Kitchener:

Rally in Kitchener - CAS office - 200 Ardelt Ave-March 31, 2010

We had an excellent rally in Kitchener at 200 Ardelt Ave. with a great turnout. Several people from the public joined in! Most passing cars honked and waived in support. Undoubtedly the movement is gaining STRONG momentum. I met with the assistant to CAS Executive Director, Alison Scott and expressed my concern at the last rally where one worker accused ALL the protesters of being CHILD MOLESTERS!!!

Source: Facebook (account required)

Here is a link to the picture.

Addendum: More from Attila:

CAS worker blasted by powerfull "BULLHORN" [HQ]

Here is just one of the videos we took. John had a few words for a CAS worker who wandered in our sights and chose to swiftly avoid the 'BULL HORN" aimed right at her! Funny how these CAS workers cower when they are alone (like the parents and children they abuse) and not shielded by the heavy guns of the Children's Aid Society aided by the police when they snatch children from their loving parents!

You can watch our local copy of the video (mp4).