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Devon to be Freed

March 23, 2010 permalink

Devon Sweeney, the boy ambushed by CAS and taken to involuntary chemo-therapy, may finally get free of CAS.



Devon update

March 23, 2010 DAY 1825

It’s been a busy two days actually. We got a lot of rain and wind up here and we did a few things downtown. We are heading downtown tomorrow morning to do some paperwork at Family Court and lawyers offices. I am doing up a new video that I will probably finish up this evening and publish tomorrow before I head out for the day.

I have an update on Graham and Devon and the chemotherapy case I have been advocating and supporting since 2008. They went back to court and it got remanded until April 12, 2010. The Childrens Aid Society of Hamilton (CAS) is getting removed from the case and they are removing the publication ban on Devon speaking with the media. They will be back in court and I will be there to show moral support bringing coffee and friendship.

It would be great if I had the support of more people to come out and join in the festivities of the CAS walking away from this family after 2 years of torture to their boy.

Forced chemotherapy, ill health and sadness has abounded this family for the whole time.

If not for the support of family and friends I don’t think they would have made it through their days.

Posted by Advocate at 3:34 PM

Source: Mary Lou Janiga blog