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Amber Alert

March 22, 2010 permalink

Police issued an amber alert today for two boys, Jack and Christian Armstrong, allegedly taken by their father Richard Armstrong from children's aid in Kingston Ontario. The alert is already over, and most news sources have deleted their stories from the web, replacing them with uninformative text. Enclosed below is an article on the alert from the National post and two reader comments made on the Kingston Whig-Standard website.



Amber alert issued for two Ontario boys

Richard Armstrong

The Ontario Provincial Police has issued an amber alert for two missing boys in the Kingston area.

Police said three-year-old Christian Armstrong and five-year-old Jack Armstrong, seen below, were taken by their father, Richard Armstrong, 45, seen left,

The father took the boys from a Children’s Aid Society building after threatening a worker with mace.

Jack is described as having dark hair, with dark eyes, is three feet, four inches tall and of Cree descent. He was last seen wearing dark pants, a dark green jacket and tan hiking boots.

Christian is also described as having dark hair, with dark eyes, is of Cree descent and is three feet tall. He was last seen wearing a yellow jacket, a dark winter hat with ear flaps, dark pants, an unknown crest on his shirt and wearing shoes with Velcro straps.

The boys’ father is believed to be travelling in a 2010 Chrysler Avenger with Ontario licence plate AXTB 992 rented from Budget Rent A Car.

Police said that it is likely the father will try to return to Saskatchewan with the children.

Jack Armstrong left and Christian Armstrong
Photos: Jack Armstrong, left, and his brother, Christian Armstrong were allegedly taken by their father Richard Armstrong, top left.

Source: National Post

Here are two comments posted to the Kingston Whig-Standard story on the amber alert:

CAS is one of the worst organizations out there. At least with Criminal Code cases, the crown has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt before they lock you up. CAS can just walk in and take your kids if they don't like you. And they certainly don't help your kid when you're the one who reports the abuse, not in any meaningful way anyways. The cops aren't much more help either. The CAS also loses (another word for kids dying on their watch) almost 100 kids each year to suicides, homicides (by foster parent mostly) and 'accidents' not to mention drug od's from people severly screwed up from being in the system their whole lives. And that's just in this province alone. There's also a disproportionate amount of First Nations children in care of CAS. The white man, destroys their heritage and culture with alcohol, residential schools and smallpox blankets (early example of biological warfare), then sets them up on a reserve system that leaves them almost totally reliable on the state or they lose their native status. Now, give them polluted water, inadaquate healthcare and barely enough money to survive. Next, the system provides an incentive to make more babies as it's based on how many children you have. It's not hard to see why they have the fastest growing population in Canada. A financial system that encourages more babies, a welfare system that's based on handouts not a hand up, and a CAS system to take away the kids that they're too poor to take care of. Then those kids get placed in potentially abusive situations with foster parents that consider them a paycheque and not a human being. How many mortgages have been paid off with the payments received for these kids?

It's a frustrating, thankless system and if you end up on the wrong side of it, you end up getting charged with kidnapping, all because you love your kids and want to see them.

Guess what justice, you don't have to mess up at all to have CAS knock on your door. I speak from experience. Someone called them on me because my child was using the so called "Breakfast Program" at the school. So because she had breakfast at home then went to the "Breakfast Program" at the school, the said my child was not being fed at home. She was also taking lunches to school, as well as getting the hot lunches at the school every day they were available. So don't tell me "YOU HAVE TO MESS UP TO HAVE CAS KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR!" Learn what you are talking about before you open your mouth.

Source: Kingston Whig-Standard