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Pay to See Your Kids

January 2, 2010 permalink

Canada Court Watch reports that a father was required to pay lawyers' fees before he could see his children. Does this sound like a ransom demand?

In a later posting, Canada Court Watch solicits court insiders for information on policies toward recording in the courtroom.

The initials M.S. below refer to the father of Anne.



Justice Craig Perkins, the Grinch who stole Christmas is back again keeping children from seeing their parents at Christmas

(December 18, 2009) A teen has contacted Court Watch to advise us that he is disgusted with Justice Craig Perkins because Justice Perkins refused to allow his father to ask the court for access to his younger siblings unless his father pays money owing to the mother's lawyers. This is very similar to the kind of treatment that Justice Craig Perkins did to the M.S. family in the Barrie, Ontario courthouse a while back. Justice Perkins also ordered that siblings could not see each other.

The Attorney General always claims that child support and access are two separate issues when it comes to mothers being paid child support, but when it comes to dads having access to their children, they must pay their legal fees first.

All judges who are shown by their deeds to be a Grinch should be tossed off the bench.

To you Justice Craig Perkins, we know you read this website, you have told us so yourself. You should read and remind yourself of the Canadian Charter where it says, "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:" In the opinion of many Canadians your judgements in your court are violating not only God's rules but violating the very Rule of Law in Canada. The children affected will be writing to you to let you know what you have done to them and their families and they will share their letters so that all Canadians can see what is going on in our family courts today. One day God will be judging you.

Public participation invited

(Dec 23, 2009) A while back, an ethical Ontario judge secretly passed a copy of the Practice Direction of former Ontario Chief Justice Howland to Court Watch indicating that there were efforts being made by many within the justice system in Ontario to keep this document from being seen by the public. The judge had to remain anonymous because of potential harassment from powerful forces within the justice system. This purpose of keeping this document hidden from the public of course was to prevent the public from being properly informed about their rights under the Courts of Justice Act to record their own court hearings so that court staff and judges could continue to harass and intimidate the people of Ontario and to prevent any record of what was being said in court to exist which may catch court workers altering transcripts. Other internal government documents have been uncovered by Court Watch which would appear to indicate that there continues to be a deliberate attempt by persons within the Attorney General's office of Ontario to misinform the public which is resulting in the citizens of Ontario being harassed, intimidated and threatened by judges and court workers over the legal use of recording devices in our courts. There have been numerous requests to have court signs changed so that they properly inform the public of their rights under the law.

Court Watch is requesting input from any member of the public who has had issued of recording in the courts to contact us with your story. An investigative committee has been established at Canada Court Watch which is gathering evidence regarding the issue of recording in the courts and would like to hear from members of the public. Court officials, present or past, who have insider knowledge about this issue and who would also like to contribute to this effort are invited to contact Court Watch at

Source: Canada Court Watch, December 2009