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No Good Dad Goes Unpunished

January 9, 2010 permalink

When a group of people tried to take a baby from father Chad Thomas he responded in the manner of a protective guardian — he defended her with his life. Unfortunately, the group of child snatchers included children's aid workers, making his heroic stance criminal. Children's aid is keeping his daughter.



Peterborough Examiner

Posted January 9 2010


Grasping his baby daughter in his hands, 20-year-old Chad Thomas threatened Children's Aid Society workers and told police they would have to shoot him if they wanted to take away his child.

Thomas pleaded guilty yesterday in Ontario Court of Justice to two counts of threatening death.

Mr. Justice Robert Graydon gave him a suspended sentence and 18 months of probation.

Two CAS workers went to Thomas's Crawford Dr. home May 19 to take away his daughter, court heard.

Thomas reacted aggressively and threatened to kill both workers. When police arrived he told them they would have to put a bullet in his head to remove the baby from the home, court heard.

The child remains in CAS custody, court heard.

Thomas told court he wanted to get his life back on track and provide for his family.

Source: Peterborough Examiner