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Altered Transcripts Wanted

January 11, 2010 permalink

Sean Slaven wants to hear about cases of altered court transcripts. You can respond to the email at the end of the enclosed letter.



I have been approached by a reporter of one of our nationals regarding wrong doings within the court system.

He is looking for cases where transcripts have been altered etc etc.

This is not just related to family court but I know there have been a lot of wrong doings within the family court.

I will be presenting my findings to a university class that is studying investigative journalism as this is a subject they have decided to study.

I think there is a good opportunity here to bring some of our issues to the youth of our country as they will be the ones that will bring about the much needed changes to our judicial system.

Anyone with input please contact me on or off list.

Thanks for your support

SS email: [ seanslaven at ]

Source: yahoogroups