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Ride for Accountability

February 7, 2010 permalink

John Dunn has planned a Ride for Accountability of Children's Aid Societies (RACAS) this summer. You can read the agenda in his announcement (pdf).

According to the enclosed letter, financial support has not been adequate, and more is needed if the event is to proceed. Many readers of this column have been reduced to penury by their encounter with children's aid, but a few are able to afford a generous donation. Information for donors is in the announcement.



Saturday, February 06, 2010

Citizen Encourages Support for RACAS

A letter from a citizen in the community.

When the idea of a provincial ride for accountability was brought up, there seemed to be good support. But the facts suggest that there is a good possibility that this will have to be canceled. John has put himself out there in every way that he knows to in order to bring hope and some momentum to the issue of responsible accountability. What seem to be remiss is the fact that nothing will change unless we are all prepared to contribute or help to fund this project.

With respect for John he does not have the tenacity or the stomach to insist that he need financial support because he feels that he does not want to impose, moreover John is very cautious that he does not come across as being demanding for funds, because he knows how hard it is to find those extra dollars. I also recognize this fact...but the reality is, that such projects will not advance with out your support.

John is not aware that I am posting this message and he may not be pleased...but that's too bad. I have a question for all. Please respond with, either you intend to support this ride or not, if you can help raise some funds.

With all due respect your financial support is appreciated.


Donald J. Lester

Posted by afterfostercare at 11:14 PM

Source: Foster Care News

You can read the financial status on the page Supporters - RACAS.