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I Am Your Fake Children's Aid

February 23, 2010 permalink

For a while CAS promoted its I Am Your Children's Aid campaign with a facebook group called Your Children's Aid. It was inundated with criticism to the extent that CAS had to remove the group. While it was still up, the criticism was interrupted by two supportive posts by Heather Meara Paterson, identifying herself as a social worker who had helped children who could no longer stay with their parents.

An anonymous investigator has checked the facts in this case. The name Heather Meara Paterson does not appear on the Register of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. On a separate page we show posts by Paterson, and a letter from the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Addendum: Heather Paterson has a YouTube channel and a webpage. Some of the text from her YouTube channel has been appended to the end of her local page. While in posting to Your Children's Aid she seemed proud of her work with CAS, on her consulting pages she makes no mention of it.

Fixcas could never give you these details without help from friends. Thanks to John Dunn for the follow-up.