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February 3, 2010 permalink

When lesbians Taylar Nuevelle and Janet Albert broke off their relationship, Taylar got even by stalking Janet, going so far as to file a false claim with child protective services saying that Janet abused her young son.

For ordinary people, CPS would spend months or years harassing Janet. But this time it was different. Janet was a Washington DC judge, and Taylar has been convicted of stalking.



Taylar Nuevelle
Taylar Nuevelle was convicted on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 of stalking Judge Janet Albert.

Woman Found Guilty of Stalking DC Judge

Updated: Tuesday, 02 Feb 2010, 6:43 PM EST, Published : Tuesday, 02 Feb 2010, 6:41 PM EST, By PAUL WAGNER/myfoxdc

A D.C. woman has been convicted of stalking a magistrate judge following a week long trial in D.C. Superior Court. Guilty verdicts were returned Tuesday against Taylar Nuevelle, who had also been charged with burglary and unlawful entry.

The trouble began in 2008 when the judge ended a romantic relationship with the defendant.

What followed, prosecutors say, was a series of actions designed to destroy the judge’s life.

The testimony showed Taylar Nuevelle was furious with Judge Janet Albert for ending their year long relationship.

So much so investigators say she waged a campaign to torment and frighten the judge, bombarding her with emails, text messages and phone calls. She even filed lawsuits and a claim of judicial misconduct.

After the verdicts were read, Taylar Nuevelle was taken into custody and ordered held without bond until she is sentenced in April. She faces up to 15 years in prison.

The 40-year-old consultant to non-profits was convicted despite taking the stand in her own defense. Claiming the emails, texts and phone calls were all about getting her property back-- clothes and other items she had left at the judge’s house.

But the prosecutor said it was much more sinister than that. Nuevelle, the prosecutor said, waged a campaign of harassment, going as far as to call Child Protective Services and make two unfounded claims against Janet Albert. The judge has a young son.

Taylar Nuevelle was found unconscious in the attic of the judge’s Northwest D.C. home two days after their breakup.

Source: WTTG