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CAS Applies Funds

February 22, 2010 permalink

Children's Aid of Haldimand-Norfolk, reeling after a talk by Vern Beck, an anticipated Cambridge rally mirroring the success in Kitchener and an announced meeting in Tillsonburg has found a use for the $27 million in supplementary funding for CAS. They are stepping up the I Am Your Children's Aid campaign. Sorry kids, nothing left for you.

The article ends citing executive director Janice Robinson saying: The agency seeks feedback from parents who have come into contact with them by asking them to fill out anonymous surveys. We'd like to see one of those survey forms.



Campaign boosts image of CAS

A campaign aimed at brightening the public image of Children's Aid societies across Ontario is coming to Haldimand-Norfolk.

Called "I Am Your Children's Aid," it includes television and radio advertisements as well as posters.

The campaign features pictures of foster parents and former wards of the CAS who offer testimonials on how their lives were changed for the better thanks to the child welfare agency.

Janice Robinson, executive director of the Children's Aid Society of Haldimand-Norfolk, said her agency will make use of the posters.

"Research shows most people don't know what we do. They see us as an intervention agency," she said.

"We do prevention. We provide free public adoption -a lot of people don't know that."

The publicity campaign was two years in the making, but it comes to Haldimand-Norfolk at a time when public criticism of the agency is reaching a crescendo.

In recent months, angry parents upset with the local CAS have held placard-carrying protests and handed out flyers to the public. Last week, they held a public meeting in Delhi at which a guest speaker from an advocacy group called Canada Court Watch gave advice on what to do if you become a target of a CAS investigation.

They accuse CAS workers of high-handedness, manipulation, and lying in court proceedings.

In an interview, Robinson said having parents lash out verbally against a child welfare agency is nothing new.

"It's part of the territory, it's part of the job," she said.

"It's very stressful for people involved with us, we know that."

The agency seeks feedback from parents who have come into contact with them by asking them to fill out anonymous surveys, Robinson noted.

Source: Brantford Expositor